October 3, 2019

Why Breakups Are So Painful


Being in a relationship is wonderful; you have someone to share the good times with and lean on while going through tough times. However, there comes a time when you break up with your partner. It may be due to various reasons such as cheating, finances, jealousy, weight gain, family differences, and many others.

While there may be varied reasons for breakups, we can all agree on one thing – they are very painful. Some people end up falling into depression. But why are breakups that painful? Read on to know some reasons.

The thoughts of losing something you owned


Many people in relationships think that they own their partners. As long as the relationship is working fine, this feeling of ownership is healthy. However, when you break up with someone, you lose control over them, and the subconscious mind doesn’t take it lightly.

This part of your mind does not want you to lose ownership over your partner. Since you had already developed emotions, losing them can bring a very painful feeling. You can read the full info here.

The feeling of rejection

We all don’t like being rejected, whether you’re a boy or a girl. After breaking up, the most affected party feels like they’ve rejected, and this kills their self-esteem. They go on to think that they’re not good enough. If they were good enough, they wouldn’t be rejected.

Beautiful caring woman supporting her boyfriend

This can hurt a person very much. However, what they think isn’t the reality. Breakups happen due to a wide range of reasons, and not being good enough may not it. Therefore, you shouldn’t interpret a breakup as rejection.

Poor self-image and lack of self-confidence

Some people view themselves negatively. For instance, they see as if they don’t look good or they’re not smart enough. When a breakup happens, they associate it with their poor self-image, and that’s what makes it painful. For instance, if a girl feels that she isn’t beautiful, she will assume her guy broke up with her because she isn’t attractive.

Also, the lack of self-confidence is another thing that causes people to feel pain after someone has broken up with them.

If you’ve been wondering why breakups are so painful, then you have a few reasons now. You shouldn’t allow a breakup to hurt you to a point where it sinks you into depression. Take it positively, move one, and you’ll find someone else.

Esther Alexander

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