October 9, 2018

Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Women Always Make

Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Women Always Make

Stylists are doing exemplary work in ensuring women look on point without making any mistakes here and there. Here are the Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Women Always Make:

1. The love for baggy clothes

What are you hiding anyway? It is not possible to hide the potbelly and bumps under oversized clothes. In fact they make you look uglier and bigger. Avoid drowning in excess fabric and keep cinching in narrow parts of your body. Stop adding problems to problems.

2. Stockings and open toe sandals and shoes are the worst mistake

Your panty line should be out for the publicIf you want to rock open toe shoes or sandals, moistures your legs with a good moisturizer. A good moisturizer makes your feet and legs look glossy and very healthy. During winter seasons, it is advisable to wear opaque stockings with closed toe shoes. Do not purpose to look unsightly.

3. Wearing a very small or very big size brazier

Your bust needs to be well supported. A good quality bra is supposed to last you about a year. A good piece is worth investing in because it makes you look slimmer than you really are. Saggy boos will not make you look pretty. A firm bust is everything that every woman wants.

4. Making tracksuits your daily wear

It doesn’t matter if you are a housewife college student or at whichever stage of life. Leave tracksuits for fields. They are comfortable but wear them at their rightful place. You look ugly going out to the grocery shop. The same applies for pajamas and UGG boots.

5. Too much makeup

How dare you use different colors of foundation on your neck and face? Hell no! Using fake tans makes you look like a clown. Stay away from bad makeup. Do not use a lip liner that is very dark than your lipstick. Makeup stores have professionals who will advise on the right products to use.

6. Your panty line should be out for the public

You look off when you wear clothes that show a panty line. If your clothes are revealing wear seamless panties or underwear in nude colors for shear garments. Undergarments will smoothen out any bumps or lumps.

7. Under accessorizing

Stop being plain or using the wrong accessories to match your outfit. Put a few small touches of jewelry here and there- a scarf or necklace colorful heels and a good handbag cutch or purse to complete your look.

8. Skimpy dressing

Your bust and thighs do not need to be out all at the same time. You will be naked-no lie! The rule remains that if you want to show flesh at the top cover the bottom fully and the reverse applies.

9. Not dressing your age

You can’t dress 80 while you are still 30? How now? Neither can you dress 30 when you are 80. You will look like a harlot waiting to service a hungry he-goat. It is good to respect your age and dress as per it.

10. Old jeans

Stop clinging onto old jeans like they are your life. They could be comfortable but that is way old-fashioned.

Esther Alexander

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