June 30, 2019

The Most Exciting Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends


In the summer, everyone wears light clothes and in most cases, it is the best time for women to expose most of their skins. So if you have the jewelry you’d like everyone to have a glimpse of, summer is the best time to have it on your neck or wrist.

Unlike in the past, today people are wearing jewelry from the head (sunglass chains) to the toes (anklets) and if you want to have a great taste in fashion, here are the most exciting summer jewelry trends to consider in 2019.

1. Sunglass chains


A few years ago, everyone was talking about how great piercings were and most women and few men would bear the pain just to have them. Things have since changed and today, everyone is talking about sunglass chains.

This trend is making waves and will definitely make your lives easier. If you are not sure on which sunglass chain will be best for you, check out this website for available options.

2. Colorful beads

In 2019, the moment of beaded jewelry is in the sun and having one on your neck or wrist will make you look stunning. Just like the name, colorful beads come in different colors and this makes it easier for you to wear one with different outfits and still look stunning.

3. Anklets


As stated earlier, summertime is the best time to wear a short or a miniskirt when moving from one place to another. And how would it be to have something on your ankles? Surely, people will envy you and try the same as well. Basically, anklets are trending in 2019 and whether you opt for delicate or chunky ones, they will speak volumes on how fashionable you are and how gorgeous they look on you.

4. Rainbow stones

We cannot deny that rose gold has a special place in people’s hearts. However, they are slowly becoming outdated and different individuals are finding it stylish to mix it with other metals to create a unique look. In 2019, rainbow-colored stones are trending and having one will give you a sophisticated look.

Esther Alexander

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