December 28, 2018

Must Have Gear for Travel Photography Newbies


When stepping out to the world of photography, it can be a scary journey, but also a worthwhile and true investment. Typically, as a travel photographer, you need to plan, prepare and get all your accessories ready for that fascinating journey. One of the single most questions that travel photography beginners always ask is what they should pack before they set out for their journey. In this article, you will learn on the photography accessories that are required for this fascinating photography genre.

As a travel photographer, you need to be a versatile beast. Absorbing the cultures of a new place and putting together those pieces of stunning images require some resilience. Thus, packing the right gears will help you get the best out of the journey. So, what are some of the accessories you require?

The Camera Equipment

The camera gear equipment you pack will entirely depend on the type of photographer you are. Typically, there will always be a debate on how many and which type of lenses should you carry. These are the must-have equipment.

1. Durable Hard Drive

Just trust me, as a travel photographer, you will need or even two hard drives. You will not want to be halfway your trip with thousands of images on your memory cards and have to empty all of them on your laptop.


Having a good and durable hard drive probably one with at least terabyte storage helps eliminate the problem and acts like a storage unit for storing your photos before you move them into your laptop or desktop.

However, it is general knowledge that most hard drives are susceptible to spills, drops, and damages. Owning a hard drive that protects against spills and weather elements is crucial in the field. Thus, you need to invest in a durable and dependable hard drive.

2. Multiple Reliable Memory Cards

You must have different memory cards while setting yourself out for travel photography. Having one memory card is like having only one arrow in your quiver. You require several memory cards for you to shoot faster and freely. In addition, they do not need just to be memory cards, they need to be effective and faster.


Besides, you must invest cards that are shock and temperature proof. Such features are incredible when working in adverse conditions. Also, you might not know when your memory card can fail, so having a backup of cards can help you avoid embarrassing situations of memory card failures.

3. Filters

There are different filters that you can pack while setting out for your journey. When setting out for travel photography, you are never sure of the weather, thus packing some few filters like neutral density filters, UV filters, and polarizing filters can help you through your journey.

4. Trusted Tripod

Most photographers think that having a tripod might weigh them down when they are traveling. But that is far from the truth. Carbon fiber tripods are light and easy to carry around. Besides, they are resistant to tear and wear, thus it is always great to have a tripod with you regardless of the situation.


A tripod helps you create a framework and foundation to your images and take long exposure shits that are always stunning and wonderful. In addition, a tripod stand will help you get the perfect long sot that your naked eye might deceive you about.

5. Travel camera Backpack

Shoulder bags are convenient when shooting local images, you will probably need one when doing heavy travelling. Firstly, most shoulder bags are cannot accommodate a lot of gear, secondly even after you pack your gears, it might be too much to carry on one single shoulder, Thus a rolling bag might be convenient to transport your gears, however, it is also inconvenient when you are on your fee, especially if you are on a hike. Hence, your all time bag for travelling photography should be lightweight backpack. It is easy to carry around.

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