December 13, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max

Sneaker culture is a vast world. Everyone, from companies to blogs and careers is trying to dissect and expound on the season’s most exclusive styles and releases. If you are new to the sneaker world, it may be overwhelming to choose the best shoe because of the enormous information available on the internet.

But one of the leading brands in the sneaker’s world is Nike. When it comes to this style of shoe, Nike is not known to play. In fact, this company has developed most of the unique shoes you see in the market. Nike launched one of the most innovative designs, the Nike air max in the year 1987. And in the lead up to their self-announced Nike air max day, we want to take a look back at some of their renowned Air Max silhouettes.

The History

Tinker Hatfield was the mind behind the Air Max 1 in the year 1987. He got his inspiration from his surroundings, which in particular were in Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. The thing with this art museum is that it is described as inside out because all components that were hidden within the building infrastructure, were on the outside. Tinker used this notion of revealing things that were not seen and using bright colors on the Air Max 1.


Although the idea was first rejected, it later became an identification tool for Nike. This type of shoe featured an exposed air-cushioned sole that provided and still provides comfort to the wearer. However, before the Air Max 1, there was the Air Max zero which was unveiled a few days before the release of Air Max 1. But, it’s been more than 25 years and still, this shoe remains unbeaten. And even better, nowadays it comes in a variety of colors and designs to suit people with different needs.

Why the Hype

Nike’s iconic Air Max have lately saturated social media newsfeed. They feature classic and trendy styles. And even though they were initially designed for competitive athletes, both men and women wear these shoes on their casual days.

The good thing is that these sneakers will never run out of style because Nike seasonally updates and gives them a new look and feel. For those looking for a pair of good sneakers, not necessarily for running, look no further than these from Nike. They come with a variety of colors and style, and the heel extends to about ½ an inch so that you are always comfortable.

The Evolution of the Air Max

There has been many changes since the first release of the Air Max model. For instance, in the first model of Air Max 1, there was no branding made on the heel at all. But with time, the shoes began to be produced for testing, advertising and marketing, the Nike company saw there was a reason to include the brand name on the shoe, and so the block lettering “NIKE AIR” was placed on the heel.


Although, the Air Max zero and Air Max one, were the first to be released, nowadays there exist different style and design for this type of shoe. For instance, there is the Nike Air Max 2015, Air Max 360 and Air Max 2003 to name but a few.

In Conclusion

When it comes to designing and producing exclusive sneakers, Nike is one of the best brands in the market. Therefore if you are looking for a pair, don’t be hesitant to try these ones.

Esther Alexander

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