April 15, 2019

5 Ways to Throw an Awesome Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

When your girlfriend is getting married, it’s has become a tradition to throw her a party to celebrate her last night out as a single woman. A bachelorette party is usually organized by the maid of honor and the bridesmaids and is for girls only. It’s a way of bidding goodbye to the single girl and welcoming a married woman into their lives. You may have been tasked with the role of planning the party, but how do you ensure that it will be a success and everyone will have fun. Here are a few suggestions on how to organize an awesome bachelorette party.

Consult the Bride

While organizing the party, it’s vital that you consult the bride about her preferences. It’s her party and you can’t exclude her from all that will be happening. Even though it’s a surprise celebration, it’s still important to get some ideas from the bride.


You can try to ask her discreetly about where she’d like to celebrate or who she wouldn’t want to miss at the party. Of course, you may not want to end up inviting her most hated co-worker or her high school enemy. Keep in that all of this is about what the bride appreciates.

Pick a Theme

If you opt to have a modern bachelorette party, then you should choose a theme first to get you organized. It is very essential to have a certain theme for the party because it helps you set the mood for the event. Everything is based on the theme; may it be the colors, invitation or the location for the party. Also, guests will depend on the theme for their bachelorette gifts. Once you have decided which theme you will be setting, it’ll be easier for you to plan the rest of the details.

Planning Well Early

This is one of the most important tips that you need to keep in mind. Plan well in advance and say no to last-minute planning. Inform all the invitees a few weeks before the event because they may have other commitments to take care of.

Plan the date, the venue, and all other things related to the event well ahead of time to avoid surprises. For the venue, book early.

Plan Your Budget

Even bachelorette parties need to be funded. It’s not like you’re crashing at the bar with a few friends and everyone is paying for their drinks. Write down all the needed items for the event whether it’s food, entertainment, decorations, and come up with a rough estimate of all the costs.

Composite image of friends celebrating bachelorette party

Don’t set a fixed budget because you may need to add something later on. When it comes to the party’s contribution, one person doesn’t have to carry all the burden. Everyone attending should make a contribution so that the event can be a success. And, everyone should send their contribution well in advance for early budgeting.


Brainstorming can work wonders to create an event you had never imagined. All the party attendees should come together and give out ideas on what can make the event memorable. Whether it’s ideas about the location, the outfits, the decorations, the favors, the entertainment, and all other things. Someone may know the bride more than you do and thus, they can suggest amazing ideas to make the bride happy.

Do you want an awesome bachelorette party? Keep in mind the above ideas and you’ll have lots of fun as you prepare the bride to walk down the aisle. Don’t forget to invite a photographer to capture every moment of the event.

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