May 25, 2019

5 Types Of Fashion Styles, Which One Is You?


Change is constant when it comes to fashion and style. Everyone wants to look better with different style in, and therefore there must be a change so that you may seem attractive. Here are five types of fashion style:

1. Vintage fashion style


This fashion style is the most adorable and charming. This vintage is a culmination of fashion from new fashion to old fashion. This type of fashion is the one that trend everywhere and everybody looks good on this vintage style, either dresses or pinup clothing.

2. Chic fashion style

This type of style is categorized by being trendy and fashionable, and oneself look smart and striking on this type of fashion.

If one decides to use a chic fashion style, it is essential to choose a good, tailored, stylish design that is classy. Also, this fashion is related to being casual.

3. Artsy fashion style

Artsy fashion style is more about independent creativity; it allows one to make a statement of their own by the clothes they want to wear. more info here is every person creates his or her fashion style also this fashion leads to many exciting trends.

4. Sexy fashion style


Sexy fashion allows everyone to show off her best features and attract the attention of male by letting all the best things about you out. This fashion style consists of tight-fitting dresses, skirt, and tops that let out your body shapes and curves.

5. Sophisticated fashion style

The person who wants this type of fashion style requires the best quality that will satisfy their desire. High-status people mostly use this fashion style and also business women because this type of clothes brings out a formal look.

Fashion is filled with a different type of styles and trends that everyone can choose from. Because of the high number of innovation of new methods and trend, you need to select the best fashion style that will help you stand out in the crowd.

Esther Alexander

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