July 2, 2019

5 Easy Steps To Jumpstart Your Eco-Friendly Weight Loss Plan

If you’ve gained extra pounds over the past few months and are thinking of creating a weight loss plan, create an eco-friendly one. This way, you will not only lose weight and become happier, but you’ll also save the environment – hitting two birds with one stone. However, an eco-friendly weight loss plan isn’t easy to create.

There are lots of daily choices you’ll have to make and commit yourself to them. Let’s look at 5 steps to jump-start your eco-friendly weight loss program.

Drive Less

In terms of reducing a negative impact on the environment, this is obvious. Driving increases carbon emissions on the environment. What you may not know is that driving less will also contribute a lot to shedding off those extra pounds.


If possible, walk or bike when visiting friends or running errands. If the distance is long, try parking your car farther away so that you can walk the remaining distance. Another bonus benefit is that you’ll save money spent on gas. This is a great post to read to get more information.


In addition to driving less, another way to cut weight and do something for the environment at the same time is volunteering. Some activities you can engage in are clearing debris from hiking trails, collecting trash on the beach, or developing a community garden.

Even if you’re not a fan of organized service projects, moving your body as you get fresh air will aid in natural weight loss and contribute to a better environment.

Use Reusable Water Bottle to Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water is recommended if you’re on a weight loss plan. However, as you drink more water, skip non-reusable water bottles. The plastic on these bottles ends up in landfills, and this affects our environment negatively. To ensure that you’re still drinking enough water, use reusable water bottles. Both your body and the environment will thank you.

Eat Fewer Processed Foods


The methods used to prepare and transport these foods take a huge toll on both our environment and bodies. Processed foods come with excessive packing that ends up in landfills. Also, they come with lots of unhealthy fats that lead to weight gain. Consider buying foods at your local market.

They are fresh and will help cut on calories. You can also plant your own garden with vegetables and fruits. Even if you have limited space, a window garden and potted plants can do.

Reduce Meat Intake

Animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse emissions. Therefore, for a better environment, reduce the amount of meat you consume. Also, studies have shown that people who eat less meat are slimmer than those who eat more meat, which is good news for people looking weight. Substitute meat with other sources of protein such as beans, tofu, seitan, and nuts.Get More Information and find out about us.

Losing weight and saving the environment too are both rewarding. Use the above steps and think of others for maximum results.

Esther Alexander

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